Art Museum and Family Dinner: DC Part 4

On Thursday, my brother and dad had tickets to a Washington Nationals game, so my mom and I were on our own for the day.  We had a pretty lazy morning, and didn’t leave the hotel room until after 10!

My mom and I decided that we wanted to spend our day at the art museum since we knew that the boys would be bored.  There were some pretty cool things there that we both wanted to see, so we were pretty excited!

The first cool thing that we saw was a painting by Leonardo DaVinci.  This painting is called “Ginevra de’ Benci” and is the only work by DaVinci in America.


We walked through a lot of other exhibits and saw some other pretty cool paintings, but we were ready to see the artists that we came to see!

We first found some of my personal favorites, like Monet.


We also saw a couple of paintings by Edgar Degas.


They also had a lot of Vincent Van Gogh paintings which were really cool to see!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of his self portrait, but I did get these two pictures:


After we saw Van Gogh, we were pretty done with the art museum.  Plus we were ready for some lunch!  We saw online that there was a cafe at the art museum, so we decided to just pop in there.  We were so surprised to see that it wasn’t a cafeteria-type cafe, but it was actually a restaurant!  We were both pretty surprised by this!

The cafe was so cute.  We were sat right by a little fountain and we were loving it!


We decided to split our lunch.  We split an egg tart that was delicious!  We also had a quinoa salad and an apple salad.


We highly enjoyed this lunch!  It was both healthy and delicious!

We also saw online that there was a gelato bar in the art museum, so of course we decided to get some dessert there!  My mom got hazelnut gelato, and I got mint chip.  We also split a chocolate chip cookie.


After our lunch, we decided to head back to the Air and Space Museum to see one of the IMAX features.  We saw a film called “Dark Universe” narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and it was really interesting!  We both highly enjoyed it.

After the movie, my brother and dad were on their way back from the baseball game, so we headed back to the hotel, too.  We all wanted to actually go out for dinner tonight instead of eating at the hotel, so we got dressed up, took a taxi, and headed to a brew house for the night!

I went out of my comfort zone for food this night and got lobster mac and cheese.  I just recently started liking lobster, so I’m still a little picky with it.  I loved this dish though!


After dinner we decided to walk back to the hotel instead of taking a taxi.  On our walk back, we passed the Verizon Center where the Washington Capitals play!


We also passed a cupcake place that my mom said she wanted to try before the trip.  It’s called “Red Velvet Cupcakery” and we decided to grab some dessert there!  Since it was the end of the night they didn’t have too many flavors left, but I got a peanut butter cup cupcake, my mom got a double chocolate cupcake, and my dad and brother got chocolate chip cookie and icing sandwiches.


We then finished the walk back to the hotel for the night where we ate our dessert and watched Shark Tank before bed!

xoxo, Hannah


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