Ford’s Theatre, Madame Tussaud’s, and the National Archives: D.C. Part 3

Today was our last day of having a pre-ticketed event.  Today was something that we were all excited about, but especially my mom: Ford’s Theatre.

When we arrived at the theatre, I already felt like I was back in Lincoln’s time.  The outside of the theatre looked like it had not been changed at all, and neither did the boarding house across the street.  Our tour was at 11 am, so we waited outside until it was our time to go in.

We started at a museum underneath the theatre and learned about Lincoln’s presidency, John Wilkes Booth’s background, and what each of them did on the day that Lincoln was assassinated.  There were also some pretty cool artifacts there, such as the boot Booth wore to the murder, the pillow Lincoln laid on after he was shot, and the gun that killed Lincoln.


Sorry about the low quality photos, museum lighting is never very good!

After walking through the museum, we walked upstairs and took a seat in the theatre.  The booth where Lincoln was shot is decorated as it was the day that he was shot, and no one can sit there during performances that still go on at the theatre.


After hearing a park ranger re-tell the story of the night of Lincoln’s murder, my family and I headed across the street to the Boarding House where the president was taken after he was shot.  We had to wait in line to get in because the house is only so big and only so many people can go in at one time.


Although this bed is not the original bed that Lincoln died in (the real one is in Chicago), the room is still set up exactly how it was that night, with chairs lined up to symbolize who was in the room with the president when he died.

After going through the boarding house, we headed a block down the street to do something that none of us had ever done before: Madame Tussaud’s!

The exhibit started out with wax figures of all of the presidents.  My mom and I loved getting our pictures taken with the presidents and historical figures in all of the fun costumes that were next to certain figures.


Of course I had to get a picture with some of my favorites, the Kennedy’s!

We were disappointed that in order to get a picture with Barack and Michelle Obama and Donald Trump, you had to pay for it.  But just as we were about to continue walking, the attendant said that their cameras were down, so we could take personal photos.  Score!


My mom and I also had way to much fun with the wax figure of Uncle Same!  They had so many props to choose from, fireworks going off behind you, and the National Anthem playing in the background!


After finishing up the historical figures exhibit, we moved on to the pop culture segment!  I took my picture with two of my favorite celebrities:


Being the humongous hockey fan that I am, I had to give a little love to Alex Ovechkin!


After going through the all too short museum, we headed down the street to our lunch destination: Shake Shack!

love Shake Shack.  My boyfriend introduced it to me senior year of high school, and not every time I travel to a city with a Shake Shack, I make sure that I go!  St. Louis is supposed to be getting two this year and I am incredibly impatient about it!

I decided not to get a shake (how foolish of me), and instead got the drink of the month: the strawberry mint lemonade.  Oh my gosh was it good!  I also had my signature which is a shack burger and fries.  I was so happy to be reunited with my favorite burger!

After we finished eating, my mom and I decided we needed to get shakes because how could you not at Shake Shack???  I ordered salted caramel, but got vanilla.  I wasn’t too upset though because I love vanilla, and it was wicked busy in there and didn’t mind the mistake!

We then decided to spend the afternoon at the National Archives.  My dad had been begging to go here since we decided we were going to D.C. on vacation, so we all knew that we could not deny him this.

When we first got in, we went to a generic exhibit with signed documents.  The standouts for me were the Magna Carta and the petition signed in 1920 by women such as Alice Paul and Susan B. Anthony to try and earn women the right to vote.

We then headed upstairs to see what the Archives is known for: the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.  Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed.

This was so cool to see.  Seeing the actual signatures of people I had learned about in school for years was pretty surreal!  The documents are pretty faded and hard to make out, but being in the presence of them was pretty cool!

Our feet were still hurting from our long walk the day before (almost 20,000 steps!!!) so we decided to have an early day.  We hung out in the room, and right before we went to bed, my brother and dad headed down the street to get our late night dinner of McDonald’s!  So authentic to the District lol.

And that concludes our fourth day!  We only had two more full days which made me super sad, but they are still some packed days!

xoxo, Hannah


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