The White House, More Monuments, And The Best Lunch: D.C. Part 2

Hell everyone!  I’m so excited to tell you all about this day, because honestly it was one of my favorite days of the entire trip!

Day 3: July 25, 2017

Today was a scheduled event that everyone in my family was most looking forward to: a tour of the White House!  It was a 30 minute walk from our hotel to the White House, which we thought wasn’t too bad, so as soon as we were all ready we headed out!

On our way to the White House, we passed by the Navy Memorial.  This was super special to my family because my grandfather was in the Navy, so we took some pictures, and just sat around and enjoyed the atmosphere of the memorial for a few minutes.


We continued on our way, and ended up passing the FBI building.  My dad and I are huge Criminal Minds fans, so we were pretty excited when we say some agents standing outside and a black suburban with tinted windows driving by!

When we checked in, we had to go through a lot of security.  Like more than TSA at the airport!  My mom and I had to pack pretty light because we were not allowed to bringing purses inside.

Once inside, it was pretty surreal.  The tour starts in the East Wing with a lot of pictures of former presidents and first ladies, and guests who have attended White House events.


There was also a cabinet with pieces of the China sets from former presidents, including Barack Obamas, which I was not able to see the day before at the American History Museum


My favorite room, though, was the East Room.  So much has happened in this room, such as multiple televised statements from presidents current and former, a portrait of George Washington which survived a White House fire, and Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy’s bodies were laid in this room after their assassinations.




We also saw multiple portraits of former presidents and I had to get a picture of one of my favorites, JFK.


The tour was very quick, only around 30 minutes, and we exited out the front doors of the White House



We then moved to the front gates of the White House to take some pictures, and enjoy the busy ambiance of Pennsylvania Ave.


It was almost noon at this point, so we decided to head somewhere for lunch that was just down the street, and that my mom had been wanting to try for weeks before our trip: GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar.

I built my own grilled cheese with mozzarella, avocado, tomato and basil on white bread.  My grilled cheese was delicious but the star of our meal was the loaded tater tots that we all shared.


Oh my goodness, there was so much goodness in one bowl!  It had tater tots, cheese, hot sauce, chives, bacon, and tomatoes.  There might have been more, but I honestly I can’t remember!  They were amazing and this place is definitely a must go to anyone going to D.C.!

After lunch, we decided to explore some more of the monuments in the National Mall.  The first one we came to was the Vietnam War Memorial.


Walking through was so cool.  It was quiet, and seeing all of the flowers and little gifts left at the wall was so cute.  We then made our trek to the Lincoln Memorial.


On one side of the memorial is the Gettysburg Address, and on the other side is Lincoln’s second inaugural speech, which he gave just before he died.


Marked outside was where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, letting visitors see the view that King had while he gave the speech.


After we explored this monument, we started to make the long trek back to our end of the Mall.

Before we hit the Washington Monument again, we came upon the World War II Memorial.  We loved this memorial.  It was so quiet and peaceful, and we loved taking a rest by the fountain for a few minutes.


As you can probably tell by these pictures, we were starting to get pretty tired.  We stopped at a cart on our walk to grab a Gatorade to share, and I grabbed a frozen lemonade for myself which was much needed.  Well, my mom ended up drinking all of the Gatorade, so we stopped at the same refreshment stand as the day before to grab Gatorades for each of us, and an actual seat to sit down and rest!

After our much needed rest, we decided to hit up the exhibits at the American History Museum the day before.  Unfortunately I didn’t take anymore pictures here because I was way too exhausted!

The first exhibit we went through was the America at War exhibit.  It went through every war that America was involved in, starting with the French and Indian War, before America was even established.  It was pretty cool to learn more about the wars and see some artifacts from the wars.

We then went to the bottom floor to check out the food exhibit, where Julia Child’s kitchen was recreated!  We all then decided that we were exhausted and it was time to relax at the room for the night.

We were still pretty full from our lunch, so my dad and brother went to the McDonald’s down the block and my mom and I went down to one of the restaurants in the hotel for drinks and to split an appetizer.  We chose the nachos, which were delicious and the perfect filler for the end of our night!

Can’t wait to fill you all in on our next day!

xoxo, Hannah


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