Travel Day, National Mall Museums, and National Monuments: D.C. Part 1

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to start sharing my D.C. adventures with you!  I’m combining two days into one for this first post since our travel day was rather uneventful.  So without further ado, here is part one of our trip!

Day 1, July 23: Travel Day and National Air and Space Museum

Our flight left at 9 am this morning.  After our breakfast of Dunkin Donuts in the airport, we boarded our 2 hour flight to D.C.!  We took a cab the short distance from Reagan Airport to our hotel.  Our room wasn’t quite ready, so we decided to find some food and start exploring some of the museums in the National Mall since it was literally 2 blocks from our hotel.

One thing that I love about D.C. is that there are food trucks every where!  I talked about my love of food trucks in a post at the beginning of the summer, so you all know how exciting this was for me!  We found a food truck right outside our destination for the day, the National Air and Space Museum, that specialized in fried chicken.  Sign me up!!!  I got the chicken tenders and fries with ranch which was so yummy.

After finishing our lunch, we headed into our first D.C. museum!  Although I’m not super into flying and space, this museum still had some pretty cool exhibits.  Some of the highlights were an exhibit on the Apollo space mission, the Wright brothers, the planets, and my favorite: Amelia Earhart.  The museum had one of the planes that she flew, her jacket, and her goggles!


After exploring the museum, we headed back to the museum to finally check into our room.  Since we had been up so early, plus all of the walking we had already done, we were already pretty tired.  We decided to have dinner in one of the restaurants in the hotel and then relax in the room for the rest of the night.  It was a good thing that we ended up staying in that night because it started pouring!  We felt bad for all of the people we saw outside trying to run and find cover.

Day 2, July 24: Holocaust Museum, Washington Monument, American History Museum

This morning we had our first pre-ticketed event: The Holocaust Museum.  I was so looking forward to experiencing this museum after hearing from my friends who had been before.  They said it was one of the best experiences that they had in D.C.


What moved me the most in the entire museum was all of the shoes.  There’s an exhibit in the museum with the shoes of the people in the camps.  the amount of shoes is mind-boggling, but what really got me was the smell.  It was an overwhelming smell of rubber, adding to the mass number of shoes in the exhibit.


At the end, there was a room for silent reflection.  There were names of every concentration and death camps with candles that museum goers could light.  There was also a flame in the center of the room made with dirt from concentration camps, death camps, and cemeteries of American soldiers who fought in the war.


After going through the museum, we decided to walk to the Washington Monument.  The monument is in the center of the mall, giving a beautiful view of the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol.


After visiting the monument, we were starving!  There were refreshment stands with food and drinks set up all around the mall, so we stopped at one for some lunch and refreshments.  I had a pretzel with cheese and a gatorade, and started to feel energized again!  It was still pretty early in the afternoon, so we decided to hit up another museum before calling it a day,  The refreshment port we ate at was right across from the American History Museum, so we decided to go there.

This was our favorite museum of the entire trip, and we didn’t even finish it all in this day!  We first went to the American artifacts museum that had some pretty cool stuff like Indiana Jones’s hat and whip, Benjamin Franklin’s glasses, Archie Bunker’s chair and, my personal favorite, the original Bert and Ernie!


My other favorite exhibit was the First Ladies and Presidents exhibits.  In the First Ladies exhibit, they have every First Lady’s Inauguration Ball dress, including the earliest First Ladies like Martha Washington and Abigail Adams.  The only one not there is Melania Trump’s  They also have the China set that each First Lady picked out for a State dinner with the exception of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump.  There were some other artifacts belonging to former First Ladies, such as Jackie Kennedy’s pearls, that were also so cool to see!

The president’s exhibits had a lot of incredibly cool artifacts as well, the most popular being the hat that Abraham Lincoln was shot in.


By this point, we were all getting pretty tired and hangry, so we decided to make the walk back to the hotel.  Just in time too, because it looked like it was about to rain again.


We had dinner in the hotel again that night since we were too hungry to find anywhere else to go!  I did get some pretty delicious dessert this night, a yummy chocolate mousse cake!


We then showered and watched some tv before heading to bed for our stops the next day!

xoxo, Hannah


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