Amazon Bathing Suits

Before my trip to Florida, I was looking for some cute new suits to bring on vacation with me.  A Buzzfeed article came on my Twitter timeline showing the best swim suits on Amazon.  Curious, I went through the list and found multiple super cute bathing suits for only $20 each!  Unfortunately I only limited myself to two, but I absolutely LOVE them.  They are so great for the price!


The first suit I got was this palm print one.  High necked suits have been really in this season along with the banana leaf print, and I knew I wanted a bathing suit that incorporated both.  The brand of this suit is Cupshe, and I was highly impressed with the quality, especially with such a cheap price ($26.99!  But If you have Prime like I do, you can get it for $19.99)!  The reviews said that the bottoms were pretty cheeky, which I was nervous about since I would be going on vacation with my boyfriend and his family.  But once it came in and I tried it on, I felt 100% comfortable and not like my butt was showing at all!


The second bathing suit I ordered was this scalloped suit.  Although it’s a little more triangular than scalloped, it’s still super cute, fun, and different.  This is another high-necked bikini, and although it comes in multiple different colors, I just love the way a black bathing suit looks with tan skin!  This is another Cupshe bikini so I was worried about the cheeky bottoms, but these had even more coverage than the palm leafed ones.  The price of this one is also $26.99, but with no Prime discount.

Seriously, the next time you need new bathing suits but don’t want to spend a fortune, check out Amazon!  They’re cheap, cute, affordable, and very good quality for the price!

xoxo, Hannah


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