Sophomore Year Round Up

I still can not believe that I am writing this post.  I am officially half way done with college and that is just insane.  Because of my anxiety and panic disorder, leaving home and being away from my comfort zone is extremely difficult for me, which means that these past two years have had some major lows, but also some major highs.  So instead of focusing on the lows like I usually tend to do, here are the highs from my sophomore year of college:


  • No more dorms!  I had the opportunity to live in my sorority house this year, and it was so much better than living in the dorms!  I had free range of a house, a chef who made real food, a cleaning lady to clean up after all 30 of house, and more storage space than I had in the dorms.
  • I joined the dance company on campus to keep active, and I loved it.  I made some amazing friends and felt like I joined another family on campus.  Plus, I’m on the exec board as Treasurer next year and I am so excited to become more involved with the organization and grow even closer to my team.
  • I also began working for my university’s hockey team’s broadcast team.  As a sports communications major, this is a great thing to add to my resume and to give me some experience in my future career field.  Although it basically took away most of my weekends and would sometimes work multiple games a day, not to mention that this job was unpaid, I am still so grateful to have had the opportunity to gain more experience.
  • I was also elected to my sorority’s executive board as the Public Relations Vice President.  I oversee our social media accounts, our philanthropy chair, our social chair, and our alumni chair among others.  This was a huge step for me, and a huge leadership position for me, and I am still so in shock that I was elected, even a semester later!  The first semester was anything but easy, but I can’t wait to see what the next semester on exec has in store for me.

I still can not believe that I only have two more years left of college.  I’m so ready for this summer break with my friends and family, and am ready to see what my next year of college has in store for me!


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