April Favorites 2017

Hello everyone!  It’s that time of the month again!  Monthly favorites time!!!!

I haven’t posted on here in awhile, but I have been so incredibly busy with finishing up all of my homework and getting ready for finals.  Next week, I will be half way done with college!  How crazy is that?

I had a great April.  I had the opportunity to go home a ton which was so amazing and much needed.  I also had an amazing Easter weekend, and my parents were able to come and visit me for Dad’s Weekend for my sorority!  My low was definitely how busy I was.  It felt like all of my teachers scheduled projects, tests, quizzes, and assignments due within the same few weeks, so I never really had a breathing point.  Thankfully all of my assignments are turned in, and now it is time to focus on finals!

So after that little life update, on to what I have been loving throughout April!

1. Bath and Body Works Pineapple Hand Sanitizer Holder

Oh my gosh you guys, this is the cutest thing ever!  Now that it’s almost summer, I’ve been really loving pineapples on everything, including this super cute hand sanitizer holder from Bath and Body Works.  I tried searching online for a link for you guys and I can’t find it for the life of me, but just trust me on this one.  It’s super cute and perfectly hangs off of my backpack for a cute and easy way to stay sanitized throughout the day!

2. Tide To Go Stick

Yes I know, these things have been around forever.  But since I am a mess and always end up getting something on me, I thought it might be time to invest in one.  And holy cow it works amazing.  I spilled coffee on myself in my car the other day, and I didn’t even have to put my sweatshirt through the wash.  It came right off!  And now I will never be without one of these ever again.

3. Starbucks Pink Drink

I’ve always loved the Starbucks Pink Drink, especially since Starbucks coffee usually makes my stomach hurt.  But during the month of April, the Pink Drink became and actual part of the menu!  Now I can just order Pink Drink and they’ll actually know what I mean, so I am SUPER excited about this!!!!!

4. Sip by S’well Bottle

So everyone has been obsessed with these lately, but I have so many water bottles that I don’t know what to do with myself.  When my parents were in town two weeks ago, we did some shopping and my mom became intrigued by the S’well bottles at Dick’s.  After deciding she wanted one, she told me every daughter’s favorite words: “You can have one, too.”  And I’m so obsessed with it.  It fits in my backpack so easily, keeps my water cold for days (yup, you heard me right) and has the CUTEST pattern!  My mom got the pineapples (like I said, we love pineapples), but I didn’t want to get the same one so I got one with whales on it and it is so cute.  Seriously, I can not recommend them enough.  My only con to this bottle is that the top is really small and hard to get ice in so either use crushed ice, or refrigerate it before using.

I hope you all had as great of an April as I did!  I’m so excited for May, not only because school is finally out, but it’s also my birthday month!  Feel free to let me know what you’ve been loving this month and I will be sure to check it out as well!


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