Easter Weekend 2017

Hello everyone!  I hope you had an amazing Easter weekend.  I know I did!

I got to go home and spend the weekend with my family and friends from home who where also home for the weekend from college.  On Friday, all I did was hang out with my boyfriend and my family, watching the Blues game and eating some pasta for a wonderful Good Friday!

On Saturday, I ran some errands with my mom and spent the day outside with my family because St. Louis was absolutely gorgeous!  I then spent the evening with my boyfriend and some friends from home getting the first snow cones of the season and catching up with each other since we saw each other last.

My favorite day of the weekend, though, was Sunday.  I had an amazing Easter!  First I went to church with mine and my boyfriend’s families.


Next, I went to get ready for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!  My mom ended up winning free tickets to the game from a radio station and asked if I would go with her.  Of course I said yes.  We had a blast, and the Blues ended up winning 3-1.


We then headed back to my grandma’s for Easter dinner, with my boyfriend coming over and joining us for dinner as well.  My night was filled with family time, making my last day at home my absolutely favorite!

It’s so crazy that the next time I will be home will be in three weeks when I finish finals.  This year absolutely flew by and I still can’t believe that in three weeks I will be half way done with college!  These next three weeks are going to be crazy busy with school stuff, but knowing that summer is almost here is helping me to push through!

I hope you all had as amazing of an Easter as I did!

Thanks for reading!


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