Get To Know Me

So since this is just getting started, I wanted to start off by doing a little Q&A so you can get to know me!  I found a 100 question post on tumblr with some simple questions so I thought I would choose some of them and answer those to establish some background info.  Enjoy!

  1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?
    • Spotify
  2. is your room messy or clean?
    • Clean!  It stresses me out when it’s messy
  3. what color are your eyes?
    • Blue/grey
  4. do you like your name? why?
    • Not really, mainly because it’s so common
  5. what is your relationship status?
    • I’ve been in a relationship for almost 3 years!
  6. describe your personality in 3 words or less
    • Loyal, caring, loud
  7. what color hair do you have?
    • Blonde
  8. what kind of car do you drive? color?
    • A dark red Chevy Sonic
  9. where do you shop?
    • So many places!  I love J Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Lulu Lemon, and Pink!
  10. how would you describe your style?
    • I’m incredibly preppy!
  11. favorite social media account
    • Instagram!
  12. what size bed do you have?
    • At home I have a queen, but at college I have a twin XL
  13. any siblings?
    • A younger brother
  14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?
    • Somewhere in New England.  I have family there so it’s basically like my second home!
  15. favorite snapchat filter?
    • So stereotypical, but I love the dog filter
  16. favorite makeup brand(s)
    • Mac
  17. how many times a week do you shower?
    • I shower every other day
  18. favorite tv show?
    • Grey’s Anatomy and Parks and Rec
  19. shoe size?
    • 7.5 – 8
  20. how tall are you?
    • 5’4″
  21. sandals or sneakers?
    • Depends on my mood really.  I love both!
  22. do you go to the gym?
    • I’m in my university’s dance company so I go to practice in the gym three times a week!
  23. describe your dream date
    • Probably dinner on the beach
  24. do you have a job? what do you do?
    • At school I work for my college’s club hockey team, and at home I work at a pool concession stand!  I’m trying to get some internships for the summer though, so fingers crossed!
  25. how many friends do you have?
    • I’m super introverted, so I have a very small and close-knit friend group
  26. whats your favorite candle scent?
    • Clean laundry scents and ocean scents
  27. 3 favorite boy names
    • James, Austin, and Easton
  28. 3 favorite girl names
    • Lily, Taylor, and Meredith
  29. favorite actor?
    • Leo Dicaprio
  30. favorite actress?
    • Honestly don’t really have one…
  31. who is your celebrity crush?
    • Josh Hutcherson!
  32. favorite movie?
    • The Princess Bride
  33. do you read a lot? whats your favorite book?
    • I used to, but now school has kind of gotten in the way.  My favorite book is The Great Gatsby!
  34. money or brains?
    • Brains (although money is pretty nice…)
  35. do you have a nickname? what is it?
    • Not really, just Han!
  36. how many times have you been to the hospital?
    • I’ve only been to visit other people (knock on wood)
  37. what is your biggest fear?
    • Being stuck and being out of control
  38. how many kids do you want?
    • 3
  39. whats your go to hair style?
    • Party pony!
  40. what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc)
    • A big-ish house
  41. what is your dream car?
    • A range rover or bmw
  42. do you go to college?
    • Yes I do
  43. what is your dream job?
    • Something to do with sports marketing
  44. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?
    • Suburbs
  45. how many pictures do you have on your phone?
    • Like 50 or less because my phone has no storage and it’s stressing me out
  46. do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds?
    • McDonald’s for sure
  47. Favorite dipping sauce?
    • I put ranch on everything, whoops
  48. have you ever won a spelling bee?
    • I won second place in grade school, but I threw it on purpose because I was scared of winning
  49.  what are your hobbies?
    • I LOVE photography!
  50. can you draw?
    • Not for the life of me!
  51. do you play an instrument?
    • Unfortunately, no
  52. what was the last concert you saw?
    • Maroon 5 my senior year of high school
  53. tea or coffee?
    • Both
  54. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
    • Dunkin (I have a serious obsession)
  55. do you want to get married?
    • Definitely
  56. do you sleep with your door open or closed?
    • Closed
  57. do you believe in ghosts?
    • Yes
  58. what is your biggest pet peeve?
    • People not cleaning up after themselves
  59. favorite ice cream flavor?
    • Cookie dough
  60. regular oreos or golden oreos?
    • Both!
  61. chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?
    • Rainbow
  62. are you outgoing or shy?
    • Shy at first, but outgoing once you get to know me!
  63. summer or winter?
    • Summer
  64. day or night?
    • Day
  65. dark, milk, or white chocolate?
    • Milk
  66. favorite month?
    • May
  67. what is your zodiac sign
    • Gemini

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